About Us

  • History

    In December 2017 AAJ KAL KHABAR first launched cooperation with webmasters,
    and the publishers' platform became available for everyone willing to use it.
    Since then the algorithms and mathematical model were changed
    over 12 times improving the selective mechanics,
    while taking into account feedback from clients and our partners.

    The concept of serving interesting ads and content is quite obvious, however,
    the technical solution is complicated.
    It took the AAJ KAL KHABAR team over 1 year to develop the first platform prototype.

  • We are very pleased with these results, still, we are well aware of
    the long way to perfection that lies ahead.
    We work hard every day in order to improve
    our products and algorithms and provide the highest possible
    Incomes for both sides – advertisers and publishers.

    We have expanded to become a large international company and put in the effort to work harder and harder on a daily basis..
    And that’s why we offer our partners and clients more than any other network!

  • 421-POONIYO KI DHANI BHAINSAWA, Jaipur, Rajasthan 303603 Mob:- 081048 65506 Website:- www.aajkalkhabar.com